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prp treatments
prp for hair restoration

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, Therapy is a non-surgical treatment that helps regrow lost hair. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma for hair regrowth is an in-office treatment derived from the patient’s own blood that can be performed in about an hour. Blood is drawn in our office as though you are having routine blood testing at your primary care physician’s office. The blood is spun in a centrifuge and the PRP is separated and removed from the rest of the blood. 


PRP contains special cells called Platelets, that can theoretically cause growth of the hair follicles by stimulating the stem cells and other cells in the microenvironment of the hair follicle. These special Platelet cells promote healing, accelerates the rate and degree of tissue healing and regeneration, responds to injury, and formation of new cellular growth. The primary purpose of using PRP in hair restoration is to stimulate inactive or newly implanted hair follicles into an active growth phase. In recent years, a number of studies have demonstrated its remarkable effectiveness in naturally stimulating hair re-growth.


Our PRP Hair Restoration treatment includes four (4) PRP sessions, approximately 4 to 6 weeks apart each time. It also includes a Thermadome red light helmet (for lifetime use) that can be worn at home, which will help optimize results. 

PRP Facial Rejuvenation with Micro-Needling

PRP Facial Rejuvenation with Micro-Needling is a simple in-office, non-surgical procedure, which uses the regenerative properties of a concentrated quantity of rejuvenating ingredients taken from your own blood. In addition to deep injections with the PRP, the client will also undergo a Micro-needling procedure with their PRP being injected into tiny micro-channels. The deeper injections work on collagen production in the basement membranes of the skin and the Micro-needling works to improve texture issues closer to the skin's surface. The goal of PRP skin rejuvenation therapy is to help improve skin tone and texture, tighten skin, reduce acne scars, boost collagen production, minimize dark spots and freckling, softens fine lines and wrinkles as well as shrink pores.

Benefits of PRP include:

  • Healthier skin appearance

  • Tighter and smoother looking skin

  • Thicker dermis (reducing wrinkles and scars)

  • Collagen production

  • Improved skin tone

  • Minimal down time and discomfort

  • Natural results

PRP utilizes the patient’s natural blood and proteins, making the treatment extremely safe and poses minimal side effects. PRP treatment is ideal for patients who do not want to undergo surgery and who are looking for a gradual improvement in their skin’s appearance and seek noticeable, natural looking results. Some patients notice an immediate “glow” to their skin. Visible changes to the skin can occur over the course of several weeks. Results can continue to improve up to 6 months after the treatment and last for up to two years .

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