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Neurotoxins relax muscles in the face, thus restricting certain movements that, over time, produce permanent lines and wrinkles. The three main areas for Neurotoxin injection are: the forehead, the glabella (the area between the eyebrows), and around the outer eyes (also known as “crow’s feet”). Some clients treat all areas. Others only choose one or two areas to treat. Neurotoxin results last around 3-6 months, but that duration is also specific to each client.

Every patient’s anatomy and muscle structure are different. Therefore, the amount of Neurotoxins needed to create a desirable result is different. A consult is necessary to provide a better average of units necessary to achieve the result desired by each individual patient. (Units refer to how we dose and price the product, but do not correlate with the number of actual injections in the skin.)


Average amounts of Botox® units needed per area:

  • Forehead: 8-16 units

  • Glabella: 16-24 units

  • Crow’s Feet: 6-12 units per side


We recommend a consultation for all clients who are interested in learning about injectable product options. Our price list is provided but we emphasize that all costs are best estimated after an individualized consultation with one of our medical providers. 



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