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floating services
Aesthetic Nirvana is excited to be the first in the area to offer floating services.
Our Floating Services are now available! 
What is Floating?

As you may have gathered by the name, floating involves floating in a pod filled with water designed for short term sensory deprivation. The water in the pod is mixed with medical grade Epsom salt that allows your body to be completely buoyant. Float tanks are also called Isolation Tanks or Sensory Deprivation Tanks.

Floating reduces external stimuli as much as possible to help the body achieve a natural restorative state. By reducing sensory input, floating allows your brain to relax, in turn lowering your body’s level of cortisol (the main chemical component of stress). Without gravity holding you down, your muscles, joints and bones are also allowed to fully relax. Some people compare the experience of floating to meditation or yoga.


The Epsom salts used in the tank also offer great benefits to your skin. The salts soften and replenish your skin and can help counteract magnesium deficiencies.


Floating has been used for a variety of reasons, both anecdotal and scientifically backed:

  • Stress reduction

  • Anxiety relief

  • Sports recovery

  • Pain relief

  • To promote relaxation

  • Reduce headaches

  • Increased circulation

  • For more restful sleep

  • To learn to meditate

For more information about floating, see our Floating Frequently Asked Questions HERE.


If you have recently had any of the following services, we recommend not floating for the stated time period:

Wax/Shave: 24 Hours
Microneedle: One Week
Chemical Peel: One Week
PRP Treatment: One Week
Hair Color or Scalp Micro Pigmentation: Two Weeks 

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