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eyebrow microblading

Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent option for filling in your brows when:

  • They begin to thin with aging.

  • You’ve lost eyebrow hair due a medical condition.

  • You’d like to have fuller eyebrows.

  • You want to provide more definition to your brows.

  • You want to add more arch to your eyebrows.

  • Your eyebrows are nearly invisible because of very light or blond hair pigments.


Microblading eyebrows require the use of a brush-like blade to create small lines in and around your eyebrows into which your trained expert applies ink. People rave about eyebrow microblading because:

  • The process allows you to get eyebrows shaped exactly how you want.

  • It’s relatively painless

  • It wears off eventually.

  • It can last for up to three years.

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